Monday, March 15, 2010


Now if you've been following my Twitter updates, you know that I've been working on losing weight and staying away from fast food. So even though this post is about McDonald's, I swear I've been sticking to my goals! This story is from a little while ago, so that's why it's about McDonald's.

Whenever I run out on the weekends for a quick errand, like to go grab some fast food lunch, go to the ATM, or pick up some groceries, I like to bring the boys along with me. My weekends are my time with the guys, so I like to keep them with me as much as possible. The dogs loooove going through the drive through - they sniff and sniff at the scents wafting through the open windows. They also love the attention they get from the drive through staff.

Kool and Swift usually get a french fry on the drive home, and if they're really lucky, I'll buy a 4-piece McNugget just for them. On this particular instance, I was feeling really generous, so I bought McNuggets for them. I break them into smaller pieces because the boys just swallow them without chewing. We got home, I fed them their McNuggets, and I ate my burger. I was cleaning up and decided to take the trash out. However, I forgot my McDonald's trash. In the few minutes, it took me to walk downstairs to throw away the garbage, the dogs had managed to get onto the TV tray and pull down the McDonald's bag with all of the wrappers. When I opened the door and caught them in the act, Kool stopped immediately and just stared at me. Swift, however, must not have heard me come in, because his entire head was inside the McDonald's bag. I got really close to him and just waited. He pulled out the McNuggets carton, and just as his eyes were far enough out of the bag, he saw me. He stopped, with the carton still in his mouth, halfway out of the bag. I could tell he was thinking, "Uh-oh. I've been caught." He slowly dropped the carton and backed away. Then, of course, he rolled over onto this back, so I could rub his tummy, like he always does, when he's been bad. What a silly dog!! I had to laugh at him - I couldn't even punish him because he looked so cute!