Monday, April 30, 2012

Bath Time!

It was bath time in our house last night. I apologize for the poor quality photos. I forgot to get the camera ready, so I was in a rush to take the pictures after the bath. (Apparently, when your camera lens fogs up, the pictures come out foggy, too. Weird how that works....)

"If we look cute enough this time, can we never take another bath?"

Longingly gazing out of the tub, hoping they can soon run free
Kool is pretty much a drowned rat after bath time

Did Kool get a perm?

"Mom, stop taking pictures of Kool. Take a picture of me! See? I'm dry already!"

Dirty look from the prissy man who hates getting wet

The boys seem so calm in those pictures, but they go crazy when they get out. Check them out in the video!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Marymoor Meetup

A couple of weekends ago, we went on a doggie meetup to Marymoor Park and Lucky Jack's Latte. Lucky Jack's is located just outside Marymoor, and they welcome doggies. The namesake, Jack, is often found wandering around, greeting customers - human and canine alike.

This meetup group isn't limited to dachshunds. Our Pup 'N Pints group is for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We usually go to a park to get the dogs' energy out, then eat at a dog-friendly restaurant or cafe. Sometimes we'll head to a brewery to get the "pints" part of our meetup in!

While we always enjoy our doxie meetups, it's nice to socialize with other kinds of dogs, too. Swift and Kool can be a little reserved around other dogs. They finally interact with other dachshunds, so now we're working on being nice to other kinds of dogs.

Here are a few pictures from our wonderfully sunny day!

Amber and Swift sniffing something.

It must have been gross, because Amber decides to roll in it!

The Boston Terrier is Zoe. Her owner is Jessica
(a different Jessica from our doxie group).
She started the meetup and does a great job organizing.

The brown Boston's name is Kona. He and Zoe are neighbors and best friends.
They are quite the pair when you get them together!

Doxies walking next to Jack (not Lucky Jack).

Amber, our little sweetheart

Looks like somebody might have treats! Nothing else could get
Swift's and Kool's attentions like that!

Fur Monster, Tag!!

Jack is a cutie-pie! He's 10 years old. I couldn't believe it. He's so small!

What do you see in the woods, Tag?

I think Ozzie is soooo adorable! I love dogs with beards!

Swift trying to be a people, like always. I think he's hoping
that someone left a bag with treats in it.

One of our many attempts to get the doxies to look at us at the same time.

Blue Heron nests

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #17

I usually try to keep my Wordless Wednesday posts wordless, but today, there is just too much to say about this picture!

"Look how fast my tail wags! It's always blurry in pictures."

"I love the wind in my ears."

"I love this blanket. It's my favorite color."

"What do you mean, dogs aren't allowed on people picnic tables? Aren't I a people?"

"I'm going to scratch you with my claw-like nails. No, you can't cut them! I'm going to scream. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

Monday, April 16, 2012

Always Stretch After a Hike!

Several weeks ago, during one of our rare sunny weather breaks, I took the boys on a hiking adventure. We hadn't been out in the woods on a "real" trail for several months. We've been around Greenlake and done a couple of urban trails, but this adventure took us out to Snohomish County near Monroe - Lord Hill Regional Park. It's close to where Janis (Lindsay's mom) lives, so we drove out to meet her, Tag, and Amber and head to the park in a convoy. We met Jessica, Chester, and Gretel at the park.

As I mentioned before, the weather was perfect. It was early February, but we always get gorgeous weather for about a week or so, and we picked the right weekend. It was sunny but not hot. The dogs wore coats but we weren't too worried about them getting overheated or too cold.

Showing off their coats and sweaters!

Well, hello, there, Kool! Are you ready to go hiking?

We took a lot of pictures. Chester and Gretel are so used to Jessica taking pictures, they just stand patiently and wait for her.

"Okay, mom. Whenever you're done, I'm ready to go."

The scenery and view were great. I thought these trees were pretty cool. I loved all the moss hanging off the branches. It was nice to go on a hike to a new park where we hadn't been before. 

The trail map was a little confusing (even for expert adventurer Jessica), so I'm not quite sure which trail we took. I do believe this is Beaver Lake, though. Unfortunately, we didn't see any beavers. I'm not sure what the dogs would have done if we had!

Beaver Lake

I really love my boys. I love watching them hike. They're just so cute in their matching red sweaters. They are great hikers, but we do have some problems working with the leash doubler. I keep saying I need to get a longer one, but I haven't yet. It might also be nice to get one where you can adjust the length of each side. Swift always pulls Kool along. Although in this picture, it looks like Kool is the one in charge!

"Come on, Swift! Doesn't that look like a beaver to you?!"

At first, I thought this water was part of the lake we saw earlier, but looking at the trail map, I'm pretty sure these pictures are of Temple Pond. So beautiful.

When all was said and done, we probably hiked 4 miles. As I mentioned in the title, you should always stretch after a hike. Did we? No. I just got in the car and drove home. I stopped to grab a pizza on the way home, and my legs were so stiff that I could barely get out of the car. Obviously, I hadn't been hiking in a while. For almost two weeks after that hike, I had trouble sitting down and getting up and walking up and down stairs. Man, am I getting old! It is now my responsibility to make sure everyone stretches after our adventureweiner meetups.