Monday, October 10, 2011

Raw Feeding (Warning: Photos of Raw Food!)

The boys have been doing extremely well on their raw food diet. Several weeks ago, my friend, Kim, went fishing with her dad. They caught a couple of salmon, and she made them for dinner for me, and our other friends, Chris and Kira. It was very yummy. Kim was discussing with Chris how to dispose of the remains, and I piped up, "Do you still have the fish heads?"

Kim knows I feed the dogs raw, and she turned and looked at me and said, "Are you going to feed them to the dogs? Gross," and walked away, knowing what I was about to explain.

Chris and Kira were intrigued why I wanted the fish heads. I told them I was going to feed them to the dogs. Chris said, "They're not cooked - we chopped them off before putting the fish on the grill."

I replied, "Oh, the dogs will eat them raw."

Kira said, "But what about the eye balls? And the bones?"

"They'll love that stuff! They'll eat it right up!" I exclaimed.

I don't think I convinced them to feed their dog raw with that conversation!

Since the salmon were caught here in the PNW (Pacific Northwest), I froze the heads for three weeks. I was so excited to feed them to the dogs. The boys didn't know what a treat they were in for! Eventually, the three weeks were up, so I took out the heads and put them in the dog bowls.

Fish heads! Fish heads! Yummy yummy fish heads!

I placed the bowls down for the dogs and waited for their reaction.

Swift already moved his out of the bowl by the time I snapped this photo.

The fish heads were a big hit! I'm pretty excited about this. Even though fish isn't a necessity in a raw food diet, it's always good to throw in a little bit here and there in case they aren't getting the appropriate Omega-3s from their other meat. If you don't know that your meat source is grass-fed, you might be missing out on those important minerals. I want to get some whole sardines from the Asian Food Market in Bellevue. I'll let you know how that goes!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #10

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Monday, October 3, 2011

DenHaus Contest on Facebook

Last week I wrote about our visit to FidoFest. Well, we entered a contest sponsored by DenHaus. They took a picture of all of the dogs in your choice of Haus. All of the pictures are posted in their album on Facebook, FidoFEST Photo Contest 2011. The photo that gets the most "Likes" on Facebook wins their choice of DenHaus!

The stylish dog crates made by DenHaus are pretty awesome. I like the fact that it blends in with your furniture. I want one so bad! My dream is that Swift would learn to love his new kennel since it would be so fancy. If we won, we'd probably get the TownHaus. It's wooden, and I'm pretty classical in my tastes. I don't really have modern or trendy furniture in my house, so the other styles probably wouldn't go well in my apartment.

Here are the pictures they took of the boys.

Aren't they adorable? This is the photo in the contest on Facebook.

I love this one, too. Kool and his teeth crack me up!!

I ask all of you...please log onto Facebook, then click here and it will take you directly to Swift and Kool's photo to Like it. While you're at it, you might as well "Like" DenHaus, too! You have until next Monday, October 10 to vote.

Thanks, all! I'll let you know if we win!

Both photos are courtesy of DenHaus.