Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My mom came to visit for a weekend. She had met Kool before, but she hadn't met Swift. Of course, I talk about the dogs all the time, so she hears all about them. And she's seen tons of pictures and videos of them. The boys were their normal, adorable selves the whole time she was here.

Both of the boys love company. Swift's tail just wouldn't wagging, and he was just obsessed with his ball. I got a little jealous, because Kool and Swift paid more attention to my mom than they did to me. (I'm just kidding - halfway.) One day we came home, and I let them out of their kennels. Normally, Kool jumps all over me, while Swift does his "check" of the house and then comes up to kiss me. Well, they both shot right past me and ran right up to my mom! They completely ignored me. Talk about jealousy.

My mom slept in the guest bedroom/office/storage room on an air mattress. One morning, I let them in the room to wake my mom up. As I've mentioned before, Kool loves to kiss, and Swift loves to lick. They attacked her with kisses. She did the same thing I always do - pretended she hated it and "tried" to push them away. But I knew she really loved it.

I don't have any kids, so the boys are my mom's substitute grandbabies.

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