Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Dog

At the beginning of the year, I decided I wanted to do some volunteer work. I chose the Seattle Humane Society. Unfortunately, my schedule did not match up with any of the available shifts they had. They contacted me and asked if I would be interested in fostering a dog. I said, "Sure!" So they signed me up for orientation, and a few days later, I brought home Elsie!


At first, Elsie was quite shy. She just lay on the floor, taking it all in. The first evening, I kept the boys separate so Elsie could settle in. The boys did not appreciate this large dog invading their house. They barked and whined. When I finally introduced them, they tried to lunge at her. I felt so bad for her. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Over the next fews days, Elsie opened up quite a bit. She loves to go outside, so I try to keep the patio door open for her so she can wander in and out. She discovered the stash of toys, and now every night, almost every single toy is out. Swift does not appreciate Elsie playing with his toys. So far, she's left orange squeaky alone, so hopefully, we won't have any fights. Elsie has tried to play tug-of-war with Swift and Kool, and she had Kool going for a few seconds.

Elsie is only two-years-old, so I think it's bit different for the boys. Swift is used to playing by himself because Kool is an old grumpy man (he's 6), and Elsie is just so playful. The boys are slowly getting used to her, though.

Swift actually joined Elsie on the couch

It's been really hot the past few days, so I let the boys and Elsie have free run of the house one night. I got up after a bit to get a glass of water, and all 3 of them were in Elsie's kennel. It was adorable. However, when I got up the next morning, Swift and Kool had kicked Elsie out and were sleeping in her kennel and she was sleeping on the couch! No fair, boys!

Elsie has a big kennel that the boys love

It's been a little difficult with the three of them, especially potty breaks. But it's worth it.

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