Monday, March 19, 2012

A Hike-ful Day

Mid-January, we went on one of our monthly Greenlake walks with our meetup group, Adventureweiner Club (TM) of Seattle. There hadn't been a walk scheduled for 2 months because of the weather and the holidays, so it was nice to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

Ardie is just the most precious wire-haired dachshund.

Kool looking for some friends

Swift says, "I see them!"

It was still a little chilly and rainy out, so everyone was dressed up in their coats and sweaters. I was surprised with the turnout - probably about 20-30 people were there with their dachshunds. I think most people missed the group and were excited to hang out again, like us. As much as it rains in Seattle, some people still get snooty about the weather, so that's why I was glad to see as many people as I did.

The Group
(Can you spot us next to the man in the red jacket?)

The Fearless Five
Sienna, Swift, Kool, Chester, and Gretel

After the 3 mile walk around Greenlake, a few of us went to lunch at the KISS Café in Ballard (a "dog-friendly" restaurant.) You can read a review of our time there over at You Did What With Your Weiner?

After lunch, we headed over to Discovery Park. I've hiked this park a total of 3 times now, and each time, I've taken a different trail. And the last two times (including this trip), I was so totally exhausted afterwards. Luckily, this time we had already eaten lunch. Last time, my sugar got so low, I almost passed out on the way home. Anyway, Discovery Park is also about 3 miles, but it isn't flat like Greenlake. It's much hillier, and there are even steps in some areas.

Kool, begging for a treat on one of our breaks

I'm walking 4 doxies!!

You can see the lighthouse we walked past

Walking 3 miles on the paved path around the lake and another 3 on rocky gravel and sand proved too much for Swift. He rubbed one of his pads raw, and it began to bleed slightly. He began to limp, but being the brave boy he is, he didn't complain. I didn't even realize he was in pain until I saw him limp. We ended up carrying him out the last half of the hike. (My friend Jessica was gracious enough to help carry him!)

Swift, loving the attention he's getting from Deb

No need to worry about Swift. The walk and hike exhausted both him and Kool, so they just rested and slept that day and the next. Swift's paw was completely healed after two days. This just shows we need to get our bodies back in shape and ready for our next trek with the Adventureweiner Club!!


  1. So cool that you have that club!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Those crazy weiners look familiar! BOL!!!! :) Cannot wait until we go to the next one. :)

  3. .,oh sounds like you have a great day... Hope you enjoyed it...

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  4. Gosh if I ever move back to the states (with our wire-haired doxie and westie), I'm moving to Seattle. I've already got a sister there but a doxie hiking group - how wonderful! Nothing of the sort in Italy as far as I know.