Monday, January 28, 2013

Bath time!

Apparently Kool decided he wanted a bath, so he jumped in the shower with me one morning!

No, really. He did.

I think he was just really thirsty and the water pooling at the bottom of the tub was just too tempting. It had been pretty cold outside, so we had the heat up higher than usual. I think Kool's little throat was parched from the heater drying out the air. I felt bad he was so thirsty, but I didn't pass up the chance to give him a bath when he so willingly presented the opportunity!

What a weird little goofball.

(I apologize for the foggy quality -
that's what a hot shower does to a camera lens!!)


  1. Awww! How cute . My Dexter used to do that same thing.

  2. Now you wouldn't catch me doin that! But sissy Annie does that all the time. Her likes to lick Mom's legs! :)

  3. Foggy ads to the photo. I love how wily his hair is wet.