Monday, October 7, 2013

I Hate Running

Well, I didn't do too well with my new Pooch to 5K program. The first day was a little bit rainy, but I went anyway. I made sure to walk the dogs for a bit so they could do their business before we began to run jog. It was absolutely miserable. I got through the whole 30 minutes, though. The boys did pretty well, too. Kool, as always, trailed behind, and Swift pulled in front. Swift just had a blast when I had my running intervals. I could tell he was loving the running. I got back to the house, collapsed on the couch, and posted on Facebook, "Well, that was just horrible." And it was.

But I did it again Thursday, 3 days later. It actually seemed a bit easier, but the dogs didn't do as well. Kool kept tangling his leash around me, and Swift decided to pop a squat and go poo in the middle of our session - even though he had just gone not 20 minutes before! I noticed the running sessions were easier this time, so I was pretty motivated.

But then Saturday came. And I was extremely busy. I had plans Saturday night, and I waited too long to do my program. By the time I got around to it, it was pretty hot outside. I don't do well in the heat anyway, so I decided I would "postpone" my run until Sunday. But then I had church Sunday. And plans Sunday night. So I missed my 3rd session of Week 1.

"That's okay, Amy," I said. "You can just start over and do Week 1 again! It'll be super easy this time." But then Monday came around again, and I didn't want to do it. So I didn't. Then the week drug on, and I was disappointed in myself. But I said, "That's okay, Amy. You can just start again on Monday!" But then Monday came AGAIN (funny how that works), and I. Just. Did. Not. Want. To. Do. It.

I think I got overwhelmed trying to go from not doing anything to working this program 3 times a week. I'm going to make it fit my life. I'm going to change it up a bit. I'm only going to do it twice a week, but I'm going to take twice as long, and do each week two times. I know 18 weeks sounds like a long time (the program is designed to be 9 weeks), but I know myself. 3 times a week is not going to work for me. If I can get out and do it 2 times a week, that's better than 0 times a week.

Wish us luck again!

Since this is supposed to be a dog blog, here are pictures of the boys.

What do you think Swift is saying?

Proceed to make fun of Kool's teeth. I do.


  1. I had that same problem the two times I tried Couch to 5k. I hated having to go running on certain days. I also couldn't stand having to time myself on the running and walking portions. I ended up having a lot more luck (at least until I sprained both ankles at a flyball tournament!) just going for runs with my dogs a few times per week. I would go out, run (extremely slowly) as long as I could, walk for a little bit, run as long as I could, etc, repeat, until I made a loop and returned home. I ended up having to take a break before my 5k race (which was on Saturday) because of the ankle sprains as well as shin splints. I plan on starting back up again, though. My dogs loved running with me regularly, and our favorite park is going to be open to off leash dogs again soon, so it will be easy to take a run through the park with the dogs running loose rather than tangling in the leash!

    Sorry for being so long winded! I could have just said, I totally understand, and good luck!

  2. Running's always come natural to me (it clears my head, and with my personality I need that!), but one thing that helped me hugely was not accepting excuses to not do it, and rewarding myself when I did to it. Whether it was with something sweet (I don't run for weight loss), a long soak in the tub, buying a new book, ect, it really helped me to look forward to running and the reward I would get. It's like dog training, really.

    Nola's Mom

  3. I used to hate running, now I am eh with it ;)

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