Friday, August 7, 2009

Do Dachshunds Get Hiccups?

They certainly do! Swift gets hiccups all the time. He's been better lately - not so many. I think it's because he eats his food so fast and he's been slowing down recently. I've started watching the boys eat because I had a theory Swift was eating Kool's food. Swift was getting pretty chubby, and poor Kool would want dinner twice a night. So I started watching them, and sure enough, Swift would gulp down his food and then start eating out of Kool's bowl. And Kool, being the sweetheart and non-confrontational dog that he is, would let him. Kool also didn't eat a lot, so sometimes he would just walk away and let Swift finish. Once I started putting water in their food and letting it soak, Kool would gobble down his food almost fater than Swift. Maybe it's because he's a little older and likes the soft food. If Swift tries to eat Kool's food now, I yell at him and pull him away. So I think he's learning that only his food is his and he's taking his time to eat it.

All that to say, well, Swift got the hiccups last night in bed. I know that when I get hiccups, they hurt sometimes, so I feel bad for the puppy. How do you get rid of hiccups for a dog? Well, I was thinking of all of the ways that humans try to get rid of their hiccups, and I thought, "Maybe I'll try to scare them out of Swift!" I waited a bit and just breathed in and out very slowly so as not to disturb him. All of a sudden, I yelled, "BOO!" Of course, Swift jumped up and looked at me as if I were crazy (which is probably true). But once he settled down and lay back down, did he have the hiccups anymore? No. It worked!

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