Monday, November 22, 2010

I File My Nails - Why Don't I File the Boys'??

I've been a bad mommy. Swift's and Kool's toenails have gotten so long. Kool's are harder to see because of his long hair, but Swift's are so obvious. I've tried to clip them myself, but the boys will have none of it. I've taken them to the groomer to get them clipped (well, okay, Petco), but it's $10 per dog, and the boys are so wriggly, the groomer has a tough time getting them short enough. And Swift is almost impossible to hold down.

I'm such a sucker for infomercials and these make-your-life-wonderful gadgets in the As-Seen-on-TV section in the store. So I bought a PediPaws. I tried to use it on the dogs, but they just did not cooperate. I followed the instructions on how to acclimate them, but I'm not very patient and didn't want to take days to use this thing. So I gave up.

Until Swift's nails got so long that his blanket got caught on one of them. I couldn't get the blanket off because the nail had gotten so long, it was peeling. A thread from the blanket got stuck underneath part of the nail. That was it. I decided my boys were no longer going to have talons on their feet.

So I took a couple of days to let Swift and Kool get used to the PediPaws again. I rubbed their belly with it. I held it while I was petting them. I brushed it over their paws. Then I turned it on, and they ran. I took a couple more days to let them get used to the vibration, and Swift even seemed to like it. It was time for my attack.

My first goal was to shorten Swift's nails just enough so they wouldn't peel or break off. I held Swift gently like the instructions said, and he escaped. So I lay down on the floor with him and pretty much put my whole weight on him. I was able to get all his front nails trimmed so no more peeling. I let him go and gave him a nice big doggie treat. Kool was next. I was able to hold him in my lap and not have to lay down with him. His nails were so thick that I was only able to shorten just a couple before I decided he needed a break. (Don't worry - he got a treat, too.)

I've been trying to do at least one paw a night for Swift to get them down to where they really should be. Kool's a little more tougher because it takes so long to get one nail shortened enough. But a side effect I wasn't expecting was that Swift no longer scratches me every time he jumps on my lap.

Now it's time to brush their teeth!

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