Monday, September 5, 2011


I adopted Swift and Kool when they were 1-1/2 and 4. They came with their names, so I didn't get a chance to come up with my own names for them. I had to adjust. It was actually a little difficult to get used to their names. It took me a while to get used to whose name belong to which dog. Most of the dogs I grew up with had two-syllable names, so the names "Swift" and "Kool" were definitely not something I was used to. So I started to give the boys nicknames! Here are some of the fun ones.

Kooly-Swift or Swifty-Kool








Barky McBarkerson


Super-dachshund (as I make them fly through the air)


Kooly McBarks-a-lot

I know; I'm silly. :)


  1. Even if I were to adopt a dog with a known name, I would most likely change it. Especially if it wasn't easy for me to remember or didn't seem to suit the dog in my mind. But, I always come up with nicknames for the pups anyway, no matter what their real name is.

  2. It didn't occur to me to change their names. I'm glad I didn't, though, because their names totally fit their personality.

  3. Tag's nicknames are "Taggy-butt", "Mr. Barky-Boy" and "Monkey-boy", and Amber's are "Missy Boo-Boo" and "Baby Girl".

    I could never have changed Amber's name when we got her, she knew it and reacted immediately to it when she heard it. It wasn't the name I would have picked for her, but now I can't imagine calling her anything else!

  4. those are cute nicknames lol.

    When we got Dakota his name was "Tanner", it didn't bother me but my husband hated that name. Hence, "Dakota"

  5. i love those "bark" nicknames. we should start calling desmond whiney mcwhinerpants. :-)

    if you want to change a dog's name, it can help to stay with the same first sound.

    desmond's name was david at the shelter (and before that, it was spike at the animal control center), so we figured the least we could do was go with that same "d" sound (syllable count worked out, too).

    we were determined to name our dog after a beatles reference, and we were lucky those lads wrote so many songs.

  6. I call Chester Bubby and Gretel Little Girl or Crooky Face :)