Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Swift's Favorite Toy is Dead

Swift is obsessed with his squeaky toy. It's an orange football. He will just sit and squeak it all night long if you let him. At first, no one thinks it's that annoying. I tell them, "Just wait. Eventually you will want to throw the ball over the balcony." However, I am afraid that if I do, Swift will chase it and go plummeting down three stories - so I just grin and bear it. Every so often, I have to put the ball away in the doggie drawer. Swift always knows where it is, though. He will run right to that drawer. Sometimes squeaky goes into my nightstand drawer, but Swift remembers. He knows where that ball is.

One night I came home after work and gave Swift his ball. I left to run a quick errands and brought the boys with me. When we got home, apparently Swift forgot where he left his ball. He started freaking out. He ran all over the house looking for orange squeaky. He kept whining and jumping at the drawers where I normally hide it. I couldn't find it, either. I thought poor Swift was going to go crazy. All of a sudden, he remembered where he left it - it was hidden next to some moving boxes I had left in the dining room. All of that drama, just for an orange squeaky toy.

Well, poor squeaky is now dead. Swift was squeaking/chewing on it, and he punctured a hole in it. It stopped squeaking (yay!) He continued to chew on it for days, hoping to bring the squeak back. He finally ripped it in half, and I think at that point, he just gave up and ate it. Yes, he ate it. Not all of it, but pieces of it. I know this because I saw orange pieces of rubber in his...well, you know. I looked and looked for another one. I had seen them previously at the pet store, but passed up that opportunity to buy them. Of course, now that I actually need one, they don't carry them anymore. I finally found one online, but I don't know if I want to spend the shipping costs just for a dog toy. Ha. I probably will! I can't wait to see Swift's face when I bring home a brand-new orange squeaky.

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  1. where did you find this toy online? I've been looking for it forever to get a new one for my dog too!