Monday, December 27, 2010

Vacation and Coming Home to My Guys

Last week, I went on a short vacation to visit my parents in Ohio. My dad turned 75 this year, and we had a surprise party for him. I didn't tell him or my mother I was coming to Ohio and just showed up on the front door. It was so much fun. I love surprises!

I was only gone 5 days, but it was a long 5 days without my babies. My mom has a dog, and I kinda grew up with her, but she is just so different from my boys. First of all, Candy is 12 years old and losing her hearing. She's pretty calm, but she does bark a lot. (She's a sheltie, so we expect it!) Kool and Swift don't bark nearly as much as she does. She doesn't cuddle as much as they do, and she also expects to be petted a lot - she'll bark if you stop. I missed sleeping with my guys. I did take a nap one day with Candy on the bed, but she eventually left, and I woke up to an empty bed. :(


Kim watched the boys for me while I was gone. Apparently, she's much stricter with them than I am. They didn't bark once in her house. She has cats, so she'd let the dogs out on the patio to go potty, then tell them to go back into the kitchen...and they'd listen! They didn't even knock down the gate. (I think I just need to do some readjusting on the gate because her doorway is slightly smaller than mine.)

But Kim doesn't love on them or let them lick her. When I came home, they had escaped from my kitchen (of course) and attacked me as I walked in the door. We cuddled and hugged and played and licked (well, they licked and I got licked). I didn't even bother to close the door before getting down on the floor to greet them. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed with my boys.

I can't believe how much I missed them. I just hugged them and cuddled with them and loved on them. Swift's tail didn't stop moving, and Kool wouldn't stop licking me. What a nice way to know I am loved....

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