Monday, March 21, 2011

Adventure Weiners!

I met a girl named Jessica through my dachshund meetup. She and her boyfriend have two dachshunds, and they go hiking adventures with them! She has a blog called you did what with your weiner? It's all about the adventures she and her boyfriend have with their two dogs, Gretel and Chester.

Jessica's been creating smaller, easier weiner adventures for those of us in the meetup group. We've gone on walks around Greenlake (3 miles!!), and she's also scheduled harder hikes in some of the parks/mountains in the area. I went on one a couple of weeks ago at Carkeek park. Man, am I out of shape. Poor Swift and Kool wanted to catch up with the rest of the dogs, but I was lagging behind. After making it up the *huge* hill, the rest of the hike was fairly easy. I was so proud of my little boys.

It's a wiener dog parade!

Saying hi to everyone at Carkeek

Kool trotting along the trail at Carkeek

This summer, Jessica is going to plan a sort of training series so we can get into hiking shape with our doxies. I'm so excited for that! Hanging out with other dachshunds is fun, and it will definitely be easier with a group of people.

The group after our hike at Carkeek

About half of the group at Greenlake

Swift and Kool say, "We're ready to be adventureweiners...

as long as Mama carries us, right?!"

(All photos courtesy of Jessica Williams of the blog.)

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  1. Amy, thanks for the great post. You did great at Carkeek :)

    I am in the middle of rearranging my summer commitments so I can be sure to do the beginner hiking series for this group. I am still goinng to train for the Firry 5k with Gretel but I will make sure that I can fit this in. I sure hope you can make it. I will be sending out info about it in a week or so.