Monday, March 28, 2011

Swift Loves His Squeaky

Swift is totally and completely in love with his squeaky toy. He carries it around everywhere. Sometimes he can't decide between squeaky and dinner (but other times he gets so excited for dinner that he'll drop squeaky in his food dish). Lately, in the evenings, while I'm eating dinner or watching TV, Swift won't leave me alone. He squeak-squeak-squeaks his ball and wants me to throw it for him. It's a never-ending battle. And, although he doesn't do it often, he will become so attached to orange squeaky that he insists on bringing it outside on potty breaks.
Any little squeak gets Swift's immediate attention. Even if it's in my coat pocket at the park and he's forgotten about it, his ears immediately hear any subtle squeezing, and he go berserk, wanting me to throw it. If it's the middle of night and he has brought orange squeaky to bed, I must be careful not to roll over it or else Swift thinks it's playtime.
One Saturday, we had a big day. Swift and Kool and I went to two meetups - first we went to The Bellevue Dogs Under 35 lb Meetup Group. Then we proceeded to our regular dachshund meetup. The boys were pretty exhausted (as was I), and later I caught Swift napping on the pillow I brought out to the couch. What did I find? Swift sleeping with orange squeaky.

Swift does not like to share squeaky. Here he is, with a protective arm on it. Last summer, we took his ball to the park, and a French bulldog decided it was his ball. He stole it from Swift and wouldn't give it up. Swift wasn't quite brave enough to try to take it back, but I could tell he was devastated from the defeated look in his eyes.
"That's right. This is my ball."

He's also on constant alert, as I mentioned earlier. Swift likes to get his picture taken and is pretty good at posing. However, once I took the video and squeaky came out of hiding, Swift was ready for action. Here he is looking at me, ready to go at a moment's notice.
"Is it playtime?"

It was pretty late, and I was definitely not in the mood for squeaky playtime. I tried to ignore him as best I could (which is hard because he's so darn cute!), and he finally gave up. I think he was too tired anyway.

"Ah, forget it. I'm tired."

But when he isn't tired, he runs with that squeaky in his mouth with all his might. Here he is, in action, with the wind blowing his ears and his tail straight up with happiness. I love this picture of Swift, and I think it shows his love for his orange squeaky.

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  1. Chester had a hedgehog ("hedgie") that squeaked that he would bring to bed too. Gretl had a little cheapie rubber squeakie cheeseburger that she was attached to like Swift. One day she was squeaking away for hours. I went over to pet her and her tummy was all bloated. Apparently she had been puffing air down her throat each time she squeaked it and blew up her little belly. We were so freaked out. We called the animal hospital. It went away by the next night but we don't let her play with it anymore.