Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun with Weiners

I wish I had some pictures to share from our fun weekend. Alas, I have been slacking on the photo-taking. My excuse (which is real) is that my phone is so slow to take pictures, it's often difficult to get more than a tail in the photo! I need to remember to bring my camera instead of relying on my phone.

Saturday was hot, hot, hot. We went to a meetup at Luther Burbank on Mercer Island. I really like that park. You could tell it hasn't been raining because the grass was not lush and green like usual. We all ended up sitting in the grass in the shade. The dogs were pretty lazy, but that could have been because of the heat or because their humans were sitting on the ground with perfect doxie-sized laps. We got to see some old friends, like Dobby, Baxter, Ziggy, and Holly, some fairly new ones, like Dolce, Fritz, Gretel, and Liesel, and even made a brand-new friend, Duke.

The boys were pretty worn out after Saturday, so we just hung out around the house, gearing up for Sunday!

Sunday morning, we got up early and drove up to Edmonds to the Off-Leash Area on Edmonds Beach. It's such a beautiful park. The dogs really love it. Although it was foggy and cloudy, it was much cooler, which was nice and easier for the dogs to have fun. We hung out with Tag and Amber. Tag apparently is in *love* with Kool. He followed him around, sniffing his ears and butt, and eventually humping him. Poor Kool! Gretel and Chester were there, too, and Chester, being the adventureweiner that he is, kept wandering off to explore the rocks. We also made lots of new friends! Dolly and Simon, two beautiful black-and-tans, were there, as well as Brandy and  her buddy (whose name escapes me now). We talked about swapping dog-sitting, so it will nice to have a network of people to go to instead of boarding our pups!

Later that night, we went over to Janis and Lindsay's house to visit with Tag and Amber. They are going to watch the boys while I'm out of town, and we wanted to make sure it would work. Tag was very glad to see his new best friend, Kool, again, and showed his love by humping Kool several times. :) Swift was his usually crazy, insane self. He just chased ball after ball after ball. We finally had to make him stop because he was getting so hot. I think they're going to get along just fine!

When we came home, I lay down on the couch to watch some TV. I guess Lindsay wore Swift out with the ball-throwing because he immediately lay down on my chest and went to sleep. I love exhausted doggies.


  1. Hahaaa, I see 2 days of trying to break up all the non-stop humping that will most undoubtably be going on when we dog-sit for you! Tag humping Kool, Amber humping Tag, and Swift joining in to hump Tag as soon as I hide his ball. Ahhhh, good times! LOL :)

    Feel free to use any of the pictures I took at Edmonds yesterday on your blog! That one of Swift with the ball is especially cute.

  2. I loved the pic of Swift with the ball at the dog park. That was a lot of fun Sunday. A good start to a good day.