Monday, August 8, 2011

Wiener Weekends

Since I work full-time, I try to take full advantage of my weekends with the boys. Sometimes I don't spend a second away from them. Those are the best weekends. I wake up to doxies in my face, wanting to go outside. If I have errands to run, they go with me. (And sometimes if they're good, I'll stop by McDonald's and get them a McNugget for a treat.) When I am just hanging around the house, they're by my side or on my lap. And then on Monday morning, it's back to the "real world." It feels weird not to have them in the backseat when I drive to work.

And then there are the weekends where it's all about the dogs! We go hiking - with other adventureweiners or with other dogs; we attend doxie meetups (or maybe just small dog meetups); we find doggie fairs/festivals to socialize with other dog-lovers (and get free treats!). I love these weekends as well, but they can be pretty exhausting. I find myself taking naps with the dogs. Don't get me wrong - I love to cuddle with my guys. I love exhausted doxies - they're so cute when they're sleeping.

But the worst weekends, in the boys' opinions, are the ones where I am super-busy and leave them behind. It breaks my heart to hear them barking when I leave. I just know they're saying, "Why, mama? Why? Why are you leaving us?" Sometimes they just refuse to stay in the house. If I haven't put them in their kennels yet, they run out the front door when I open it. They race as fast as they can down the stairs. It takes forever to get them back inside because they know. How do dogs sense when we're going to leave them behind? And of course, Swift always tugs at my heartstrings because he hides under the bed when I try to put him in his kennel (but that's a regular occurrence anyway).

It's funny how my life now revolves around my dogs. Lately, I haven't really had a weekend without them, which makes it all the harder when I have to leave them behind. I definitely prefer wiener-full weekends over wiener-less ones!

Swift Giving Me Puppy Dog Eyes
"Don't Leave Us, Mama!"


  1. awww that was so sweet! I feel the same about my cat and dog and I work from home.

    I remember when I only had one cat (my Bobo who passed in 2007) he was the only pet for 18 years. I felt even worse because he didn't have the company that your dogs have. They are lucky to at least have each other!

  2. i soooo feel you on this. i pretty much won't even consider going places on weekends where i can't take desmond. and usually my husband and i will run errands solo so one of us can stay home with the dog--or the dog comes with us and one of us stays in the parking lot with the dog. it's a little ridiculous, actually. lol

  3. I'm glad you wrote that because I was starting to think I was the only one obsessed with my dog. I also work full time and take Sienna with me everywhere I can. The weekends are all about her. When I was dating this made it difficult as I think my boyfriend at the time was a little jealous. I give her all my free time and its the least I can do because she gives me so much in return. She is my best friend, my companion, my therapist etc etc. I take her everywhere I can and plan my free time around places I can bring her. However lately she is having barking issues and that's making it difficult. I can walk for miles with her and if she sees other dogs no problem. But if we are sitting and a dog comes near us she barks. She is very attached to me and just being protective

  4. You are not alone! our lives revolve around yuki and rocket too! We take them everywhere with us, talk about them when they can't be with us, our daily conversations are filled with what cute thing the dogs did. It's the reason I started blogging, everyone around us was a little tired of hearing about how our lives revolve around our dogs. I figure anyone that has a dog or cat blog is probably one of those people who also has a life that revolves around their pets. And these same people, including me, will be interested in what is going on in each others pets lives.

  5. Same here in regards to when we must leave the dogs at home. I'm with them all day every day as I am not obligated to a job, but when my husband and I need to go somewhere without our wirehair and our westie, it is always the doxie that cries and the westie that gets angry. We more than make up for our absence upon our much hugging and doggie kisses!

  6. Aww, I'm the same way with my wiener pups. When I have to leave them home and put them in their crates I hear one of them whimper before I get out the door and it's so sad! Luckily I don't have to do it often, but I think it makes it that much worse when I DO have to leave them.

  7. When I am not at work I try to take Chester and Gretel everywhere with us. I just got done with a week vacation where we camped with the dogs, wandered downtown Seattle and explored West Seattle. When I am at work I wish I was home cuddling with them.....oh, and Shawn :) Being with them all day would be one of the best perks of working for yourself.