Monday, August 1, 2011


Okay, I must admit, I stole the title from Jessica. We had a barbecue at her house a few weeks ago. There were 9 dachshunds and 11 humans. Jessica dubbed it the Wiener-Q. I don't think the doxies appreciated the jokes about roasting weenies. :)  We had a blast just hanging out with our doxie and human friends.

Marshall decided he was the doxie-in-charge, and Sienna and Sunny both tried to challenge him, but he wasn't having it. And Chester tried to steal Swift's squeaky, and Swift snapped at him. Chester had stolen it a couple of times before, and I think Swift was finally fed up! Other than those few little skirmishes, everyone was very well-behaved.

There was lots of food for the humans and also yummy treats for the doggies. You'll see their special treats below. And the best part? Sangria, courtesy of Janis and Lindsay! Yum!

Shawn Roasting Those Weenies!

Begging for treats from Steve

Steve passing out more treats

Our new friend, Sunny

It's a toss-up whether Tag was trying to find shade
or just waiting for food to drop from the table!

Amber with her mama, Lindsay

Marshall checking out something stinky in the grass

Sienna decided this was her new toy. She brought it from
inside Jessica's house and played with it all afternoon!

Sunny looking up at her dad

Princess Gretel in her tutu

Why are all those doxies being so good and eating their own food?

Because they got doggie frozen yogurt!

Kool say, "It's so good, I have to lick it all off my nose!"

Yummy yogurt!!

Check out Swift eating his frozen yogurt


  1. It's ok....I stole the phrase from Deb :) I am glad you guys had fun.

  2. Wow, so many hot dogs in one place! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. Such a fun idea, I still think it should have been a weinie roast.

  4. What beautiful doxies!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our mama totally LOVES doxies!!!!!!!!!

  5. this is hilarious! i've never seen so many doxies in one place. love it.

    what kind of yogurt is that? where did you get it? i made fake frosty paws for a doggie party once, and it was a big hit. i'm curious what you guys have there and if it was expensive.

  6. oh my goodness, that sure is a lot of dachshunds...i think wiener q is a good description!!!
    yuki and rocket

  7. Look at all that fun that was had! And guess what? You just WON the Nature's Logic food contest! :) We need your snail mail addy asap please...

  8. You guys are so incredibly cuuuute! I have a doxie friend who lives just 2 houses down. He doesn't care for me much, and his sister (a chihuahua mix) used to, that is until I grew way bigger than her! ;)

    Woofs & hugs <3,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)